The Platform for Building and Protecting

Plotlights is a groundbreaking PR & Marketing software designed to grow communications results, improve ROI, and keep your brand safe

Effective Visibility. Powerful Brands. Safe Reputation.

Plotlights leads organizations into a new era with the first fully-integrated media and threat intelligence platform.


Maximize Communication Effectiveness

Disinformation, Dark PR and cyberattacks can critically harm your brand’s reputation. Prevent crises before they hit by scanning and analyzing your brand’s entire landscape, optimize decision-making, and shape the narrative.


Safeguard Your Brand From Threats

Build cyberresilience: Scan the entire online environment for risk signals: Web, Dark Web, Telegram, Signal, Reddit and many other sources. Utilize automated analytics to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from cyber threats.


Enhance the Business Impact of Your Communications

Drive business impact across all PESO channels: Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned measuring metrics that truly matter. Discover relevant industry voices, channels, trends and topics and create effective campaigns that maximise ROI. 


Find the Path to Your Brand’s Success

Gain real-time, actionable insights about your brand by monitoring relevant sources across media platforms and geographies. Discover relevant industry voices, channels, trends and topics and leverage powerful analytics to measure campaigns effectiveness, benchmark your brand against competitors and prevent crises.


Become an Influential, Authoritative Voice

Understand where you stand in your industry and discover your communication’s strengths and pain points. Inform and profit from data-driven, optimized communications strategies and tactics.

Join a New Generation of Communicators

To be impactful modern communicators need to go beyond standard metrics. Plotlights introduces a variety of new, innovative metrics and data points to help drive and quantify the business value of communications, enable effective brand protection strategies, and develop organizational cyber resilience.