Crisis Communications

The World Economic Forum reports that 25% of a company’s market value is directly related to its reputation. Top threats such as disinformation, Dark PR, and cyberattacks can critically harm brands and organizations. Scan and analyze your brand’s entire landscape with Plotlights’ real-time data: Monitor your brand’s mentions, assess risks, prevent crisis, and mitigate damages.

Shape the Narrative

Plotlights monitors your brand in real-time, detecting unusual activity or emerging crises. Spot dangerously high volumes of mentions, sudden shifts in sentiment, and other red flags as they occur, and act quickly before they escalate into a full-blown crisis.

Utilize the Plotlights backlink data to maximize your communications effectiveness by only working with trustworthy media sources. 

Detect, Prevent and Manage Crises

The majority of Marketing and PR experts view a fast and effective response as the biggest priority during a crisis. Plotlights monitors your brand in real-time – including mentions on chat platforms such as Signal and Telegram as well as on the Dark Web – and alerts you to unusual activity, sudden shifts in sentiment, and emerging hot spots. 

Automated alerts and analytics allow you to act quickly and decisively before issues become crises.

Power Your Brand Protection Strategies

Advanced data visualization combined with real-time, actionable Brand Protection insights will power your strategies and tactics to mitigate crises and effectively support your response and recovery operations.

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