Protect Your Brands Against Cyber Threats With Plotlights Intelligence

Protect Your Brands Against Cyber Threats With Plotlights Intelligence

BERLIN, GERMANY, Oct. 12, 2021 / — With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, Plotlights today launches a fully-integrated Media and Threat Intelligence platform for brands and communications experts to tap into.

The Threat Intelligence platform utilizes machine learning-driven technology to efficiently scan malicious content across ‘Dark Web’ and chat communities, with easy to interpret metrics. The data has the capability to monitor entire industries, as well as niche subjects, and competitors. An invaluable communications tool, Plotlights can be used to make informed decisions, detect potential crises, and get ahead of problems before they escalate.

Crucially, it allows communicators the opportunity to track brand mentions on the ‘Dark Web’, assess risk, and build essential cyber resilience in order to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from cyberattacks. Created by a leading communications professional, Falk Rehkopf, the intuitive and user-friendly platform is loaded with insightful tools to help grow your business, as well as protect it. This includes SEO and data analysis, as well as trend monitoring.

Plotlights founder and CEO, Falk Rehkopf, said: “Cybercrimes are the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, with a staggering annual cost expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. Businesses can get ahead by putting provisions in place without delay, to protect their financial health and brand reputation. Threat Intelligence tools, such as Plotlights, is not just a business investment, but it’s also a true lifeline for organizations and communicators.

“The data is presented in real-time, giving a snapshot of your business, as well as competitors, from all corners of the web. Our unique Threat Intelligence module helps flag up potential threats, categorized by; strategic, tactical, technical and operational threats, in order for users to make informed decisions. The time is now for businesses to adapt and upgrade their cybersecurity, and Plotlights offers all of this in one consolidated platform.”


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About Plotlights:

Plotlights is an independent SaaS company offering a Media & Threat Intelligence platform, designed to build, manage, and protect brands. It taps into consumer trends, brand sentiment, and online communities to measure and monitor brand references, helping organizations to make informed and optimized decisions. Communications experts also gain access to a number of brand management tools to develop their reputation management and marketing strategy.

Plotlights is a global business, with its head offices in Berlin, Germany. The platform was launched in 2021 by PR and communications expert Falk Rehkopf – a PR tech industry stalwart who previously brought his expertise to brands such as Cision, Ubermetrics Technologies, and Forrester Research.

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Plotlights is a groundbreaking PR & Marketing software designed to grow communications results, improve ROI, and keep brands safe.

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