Monitor What Matters - Everywhere.

Leverage real-time, AI-powered media monitoring and analytics across all media types in 175 countries.

Track your coverage and mentions on more than 300,000 news sources, 25,000 podcasts, 7,500 radio and TV stations, as well as 13 platforms such as Twitter, Weibo, Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube. 

With Plotlights you can measure communications results, maximize SEO, benchmark your brand performance against the competition, and demonstrate the ROI and business impact of PR.

Leverage Real-Time, Cross-Media Analytics

Gain actionable insights about your brand by monitoring different sources across media platforms and geographies. Automated analytics for online news and publications, forums, blogs, and social media help you measure campaign effectiveness, monitor competitors, identify trends, and prevent crises.

Plotlights Comprehensive Media Monitoring & Analysis

Comprehensive Media Monitoring & Analysis

The Plotlights platform provides comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across the entire global media spectrum: radio & TV, podcasts, forums, reviews, social media, and online news.

Plotlights goes where your target audiences are – that’s why we cover your mentions on TikTok, YouTube, Redditmajor Chinese platforms such as WeChat or WeiboSubstack, and even the Dark Web.

Measure Your Campaign & SEO Performance

Utilize Plotlights’ AI-driven automated analytics to see how your brand performs. Our platform integrates data from online search authority MOZ to support your SEO success with Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, backlink data, and more.

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