Build, Protect & Safeguard Your Brand

Plotlights helps global communications experts boost the visibility of their organization, develop a powerful brand, and safeguard the reputation of their products and executives. Build, manage, and protect your brand by leveraging in-depth analytics in one single platform.

Assess Your Brand Presence Across All Channels

Plotlights is the first fully integrated media intelligence and threat intelligence platform. Designed around the PESO model, Plotlights allows you to monitor real-time data from traditional, digital, and social sources, including the Dark Web and influential channels such as Telegram, Signal, Reddit, and Discord.

Measure What Matters

Quantify the value and real business impact of your PR and communications work, detect emerging trends, and assess potential risks and threats to your organization. Plotlights provides communicators with both traditional and new data points, including trustworthiness of media sources, consumer sentiment around your brand, share of voice, and in-depth SEO metrics.

Optimize and Scale Up Your Communications

Stop spreading your efforts across multiple data sources – Plotlights gives you all essential data, insights, and metrics within a single, streamlined platform. In an increasingly complex and extremely dynamic digital environment, Plotlights helps communicators at each step of their workflows – from research and planning, to execution, analysis, and optimization.

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