Threat Intelligence

Cyberattacks make up the top risk for brands and organizations. A single attack can cause critical financial losses and major reputational damage. With our platform communicators scan the entire environment for risk signals – from the Web to the Dark Web, Telegram, Signal, Reddit, and many other sources. Automated analytics enable communications experts to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from cyberattacks.

Be proactive and leverage real-time Threat Intelligence data to assess risks, tailor protection strategies, and make informed decisions around the security of your network and organization.

Monitor the Dark Web

Scan the largest commercially available database of Dark Web content in the world with Plotlights. You can also monitor developing threats on channels such as Telegram, Signal, Reddit, and Discord. Get actionable data to understand the threat landscape around your brand and executives, assess business risks, protect spokespeople and colleagues. 

The Plotlights Cyber Threat Analysis team will support you at every step along the way.

Fight Dark PR, Disinformation, and Fraud

Identify leaks or sales of credentials, IP theft, strategic leaks of classified or made-up content spreading online to harm your brand, organization, and stakeholders. Essential metrics such as the Reputation Risk Index and Content Danger Score will measure your organization’s risk coming from the Dark Web and how likely it is for leaked content to be used for criminal activity against your brand.

Detect Vulnerabilities & Strengthen Your Security Posture

Pinpoint the vulnerabilities that pose significant risks to your organization. Through our in-depth, real-time insights, you can assess business risks, advise investment decisions, and develop mitigation strategies to ultimately enhance protection and security.

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