Competitive Analysis

Benchmark your brand against your competition’s PR, content marketing, SEO, and social media performance. Understand your communications’ strengths through automated, real-time analytics and key insights. Utilize the Plotlights platform to develop and profit from data-driven market strategies, while creating your competitive edge.

Scan Your Competitive Landscape

Your brand will be able to thrive only if you understand where you stand in your industry. Plotlights will help you gain the overview you need on market trends, competitors’ communications performance, as well as effective strategies and tactics within your field.

Empower Strategies with Data-Driven Insights

Discover how your audience perceives your brand, identify your strengths, define your positioning, and craft new and effective communications campaigns. Plotlights offers metrics such as Keyword Rankings, Share of Search, Sentiment, Social Media Engagement, and more to benchmark your efforts against your competition, gain industry insights, and spot new business opportunities.

Measure Your Results

Plotlights provides you with a complete set of of AI-driven analytics to help you measure campaign performance, set KPIs, reach your objectives, and generate comprehensive, actionable reports.

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