‘Dark Web’ Threat Monitoring Metrics Now Available Through Plotlights

‘Dark Web’ Threat Monitoring Metrics Now Available Through Plotlights

BERLIN, GERMANY, Nov. 15, 2021 / — Plotlights, the first fully-integrated media and threat intelligence platform, today launches its new platform to combat the risk of cybersecurity, for professionals in the business-to-business sector.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the online tool monitors key Dark Web metrics. This includes Content Danger Scores – an automated system that assigns a score to every single piece of ‘Dark Web’ content, suggesting it’s likelihood for being misused for criminal activity. This overview allows users to quickly and easily understand the risk of threat. The other tool is Reputation Risk Index – this measures a brand or organization’s score in relation to ‘Dark Web’ intelligence, which may result in a heightened security risk, as well as alert users to potential data leaks risks. Combined, the intelligence helps users make informed decisions, highlighting content that could be misused for criminal activity.

Developed by communications expert Falk Rehkopf, the platform also offers a host of tools to help manage brand reputation, and identify potential crises before they evolve.

Plotlights founder and CEO, Falk Rehkopf, said: “In recent years we’ve seen just how damaging ransomware and generalized malware attacks can be to corporations of all size. With the growing threat of cyberattacks in all industries, Plotlights drills down into detail, to interpret risks emerging from ‘Dark Web’ content. Our machine-learning algorithm plays a key role in deciphering Content Danger Scores, which combined with our Reputation Risk Index, provide a clear risk assessment of the current business landscape, to take action on. It’s an essential tool that every communications professional should have in their armory.” 

Content Danger Scores and Reputation Risk Index are just two of the powerful tools available to Plotlights users. The Threat Intelligence module covers the entire exposure of a brand and presents this in an intuitive interface with distribution data on networks, breakdowns of language and many other useful features.

Plotlights is a global platform suitable for businesses of all size and sector; from cybersecurity to FMCG and PR agencies to political parties.


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About Plotlights:

Plotlights is an independent SaaS company offering a Media & Threat Intelligence platform, designed to build, manage, and protect brands. It taps into consumer trends, brand sentiment, and online communities to measure and monitor brand references, helping organizations to make informed and optimized decisions. Communications experts also gain access to a number of brand management tools to develop their reputation management and marketing strategy.

Plotlights is a global business, with its head offices in Berlin, Germany. The platform was launched in 2021 by PR and communications expert Falk Rehkopf – a PR tech industry stalwart who previously brought his expertise to brands such as Cision, Ubermetrics Technologies, and Forrester Research.

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Plotlights is a groundbreaking PR & Marketing software designed to grow communications results, improve ROI, and keep brands safe.

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