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Plotlights is the first fully-integrated media intelligence and threat intelligence platform, designed to help you grow and protect your brands. It allows communication professionals to effectively build and manage their brands, while providing the data and tools needed to develop cyber resilience and effective crisis communication strategies.

Plotlights enhances the visibility of your organization and helps you build a powerful brand. It provides you with the tools you need to safeguard the reputation of your brand, develop cyber resilience, and see your organization grow stronger. Plotlights leads organizations into a new era with the first fully-integrated media intelligence and threat intelligence platform.

Plotlights provides in-depth analytics, reporting, and alerts that are designed to enhance the workflows of:

  • Corporate Communicators & Brands 
  • PR & Communications Agencies
  • C-Level Executives
  • Marketing Teams
  • Brand Managers
  • Public Affairs Specialists

Plotlights is the first fully integrated media intelligence and threat intelligence platform. Built for PESO, Plotlights offers real-time monitoring of traditional, digital, and social media, allowing you to get the full picture of your brand. This functionality is seamlessly integrated with Dark Web monitoring, disinformation detection as well as advanced analytics that provide valuable insights for communications teams to help create cyber resilient organizations.

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Plotlights provides a variety of essential metrics for communicators, along with specialized analytics that further help with research, planning, execution, analysis, and workflow optimization. Here are some of the information that the platform utilizes.

  • Mentions (including those on the Dark Web)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Share of Voice
  • Share of Search
  • Reach and Impressions
  • Traffic and Conversion Data
  • Backlinks and Referrals Data
  • Domain Authority and Spam Score
  • Trustworthiness Ratings for Media Sources
  • Content Danger Score
  • Reputation Risk Index (on organizational and industry level)

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Threat Intelligence provides essential context about threat vectors and threat actors with the objective to evaluate risks, tailor protection strategies, and to inform decisions on brand & organizational protection as well as all aspects of organizational resilience, especially following an attack. 

Threat Intelligence is now a must-have tool for communication professionals, as the risk landscape has drastically deteriorated. With frequent ransomware attacks emerging from the Dark Web and Disinformation-as-a-Service at an all-time high, you need to ensure your brand utilizes threat intelligence in order to stay safe. 

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The Internet we all know and use makes up only about 4% of what’s actually available online. The rest is known as the Dark Web – overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access.

The Dark Web’s anonymized and encrypted nature provides a fertile soil for criminals to thrive without having to worry too much about law enforcement. Over the years the Dark Web naturally morphed into a marketplace for drugs, weapons, illegal services, and stolen data.

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Yes – the Plotlights Threat Intelligence module includes Dark Web monitoring. Plotlights informs of emerging threats enabling communication professionals to assess risks, tailor protection strategies, and make informed decisions on each aspect of their organizations’ cyber resilience.

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The reputational damage and financial losses from a cyberattack can be disastrous and can potentially put a company out of business. In order to protect their organizations (including reputation), communication professionals need to implement holistic strategies and tactics to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents.

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Communicators are increasingly required to lead and support efforts to protect their organizations in the event of a cyberattack. With brand reputation and financial implications on the line, communicators need to have the right tools, information, and skills in order to effectively mitigate the situation. By developing cyber resilience, Communicators can take a leading role in safeguarding their organizations, colleagues, executives, brands, and reputation from cybercrime.

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The Plotlights ‘Content Danger Score‘ indicates how likely it is that a piece of content may be used for criminal activity. Plotlights automatically analyzes every mention of your brand using a machine learning algorithm and assigns a score to every single piece of content. The Content Danger Score rating scale is from 1% to 100% where 1% may indicate a low risk and 100% may indicate a high-risk level. This way, you can easily and quickly understand risks and threats.

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The Reputation Risk Index is a metric that measures and understands your organization’s risk level associated with the Dark Web. This index is also a great benchmarking tool for rating organizations based on the extent and severity of their respective Dark Web exposure. Fluctuations in scores over time may indicate progress in improving organization’s resilience, or alert about possible risks to the brand and reputation such as breaches or data leaks.

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Given the increasing number and frequency of cyberattacks, brands and communication experts find themselves in need of forensic, incident-related data and tools that can help them implement successful prevention, crisis management, and recovery plans. Threat intelligence allows you to safeguard the brand’s reputation, keep executives and colleagues safe, fight disinformation and Dark PR. 

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Cyber resilience is the combined ability of an organization and its partners to develop and implement a holistic approach to preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a cyber incident.

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Cyber resilience is a combination of skills, strategy, and the right tools. Plotlights enables communication teams to develop cyber resilience by establishing four key elements:

Prevention – Monitoring and analytics enable an assessment of an organization’s risk exposure;

Preparation – Effective crisis communication planning;

Response – Support in identifying, addressing, and communicating of cyberattacks;

Recovery – Rebuilding trust with stakeholders through a proactive and credible approach communicating what steps will be undertaken to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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Disinformation can cost brands multiple billion dollars a year and lead to massive reputation damages ⁠— both through false news about the company, as well as through placing advertising on sources that spread harmful and false content and becoming associated with it. It is up to communicators to develop effective strategies and tactics to detect, prevent, and mitigate the spread of disinformation regarding their brand.

Plotlights partners with online trust ratings organization NewsGuard to add a crucial protection layer to brands’ communication strategies combining data-driven technology with human intelligence – all fully integrated within the Plotlights platform.

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In order to help brands detect and fight online disinformation, we have partnered with NewsGuard – an organization that manually analyzes and rates news and information websites based on a set of criteria around transparency and credibility. With NewsGuard’s human-powered expertise, Plotlights allows you to make informed decisions about which sites to include in your strategies and which sources could be untrustworthy. Plotlights gives you the tools you need to fight Dark PR and Disinformation-as-a-Service campaigns.

Learn more about the partnerships between Plotlights and NewsGuard here.

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Plotlights was founded by Falk Rehkopf – a veteran communication expert with a passion for PR, PR tech, cyber resilience, and storytelling. He worked in senior positions at Cision, Ubermetrics, and Forrester Research. Plotlights is largely based on Falk’s expertise in PR software and his realization that media intelligence needs to be integrated with threat intelligence to ensure brands not only grow but to stay safe as well. 

You can connect with Falk on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Plotlights is the only platform that pairs up media intelligence with threat intelligence. In addition to comprehensive, real-time monitoring of traditional, digital, and social media, Plotlights gives you the tools to develop cyber resilience and combat disinformation and Dark PR. Our platform monitors the Dark Web and channels such as Telegram, Signal, Reddit, and Discord. Plotlights gives you insights into the credibility of news websites, thus helping you detect fake news and make strategic decisions about your communications activities.

Plotlights is not your standard media monitoring tool. It is a fully integrated media intelligence and threat intelligence platform that allows communication experts to manage, grow, and protect their brands. Plotlights gives you the data, insights, and tools you need to take the lead and make the most of your communication work, while ensuring your organization is protected from any outside threats.

Plotlights is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, but we have an international presence. You can get in touch with us at any time at hello@plotlights.com.