Win Clients & Grow Your Brand

Plotlights empowers communications agencies by providing them with the technology and insights they need to produce successful pitches, win clients, and grow revenues. Raise your game deploying deep, data-driven strategies and showcase the impact of your work to clients in a clear and effective way.

Work Smarter With Better Results

Plotlights is the first platform to seamlessly integrate media intelligence and threat intelligence. Build, manage, and protect your brands leveraging in-depth analytics in one single platform.

The Plotlights platform is being designed around the PESO logic. Use all tools at your disposal – paid, earned, shared, and owned media – to reach communications and business objectives.

plotlights_Work Smarter With Better Results

Prove the Difference You Are Making

Prove the communications effectiveness and business impact you are delivering to your clients with Plotlights’ innovative set of communications metrics.

Utilize Plotlights’ threat intelligence tools and machine learning-driven analytics to support your clients in preventing, preparing, responding, and recovering from cyberattacks.

Make Your Agency Stand Out

Make your agency stand out in client pitches by redefining current standards. Say goodbye to boring old proposals and reports and dazzle your prospects and clients alike with data-driven, powerful, new ideas.

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