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Disinformation, Dark PR and cyberattacks can critically harm brands and organizations’ reputation. The World Economic Forum reports that 25% of a company’s market value is directly related to its reputation. Scan and analyse the online media landscape with Plotlights real-time data: monitor your brand’s online mentions, assess risks, prevent crisis and mitigate damages.

Stop a crisis before it hits

Up-to-the-minute date helps you detect unusual activity or emerging crises. Spot dangerously high volumes of mentions, shifts in sentiment, and other red flags as they happen and act quickly before they escalate in (into?) a full blown crisis.

Prove the Difference You Are Making

Prove the communications effectiveness and business impact you are delivering to your clients with Plotlights’ innovative set of communications metrics.

Utilize Plotlights’ threat intelligence tools and machine learning-driven analytics to support your clients in preventing, preparing, responding, and recovering from cyberattacks.

Make Your Agency Stand Out

Make your agency stand out in client pitches by redefining current standards. Say goodbye to boring old proposals and reports and dazzle your prospects and clients alike with data-driven, powerful, new ideas.

Protect your brand’s reputation and take control of the narrative

More than 50% of marketing and PR experts see a fast and appropriate response as the biggest issue during a crisis. Plotlights integrated Media and Threat Intelligence insights enable communicators to timely and thoughtfully react to the crisis. 

Executives and brand mentions, sentiment, share of voice, social media and Dark Web analytics give the necessary information about your organisation’s health and puts you in control of the narrative to mitigate reputation damages.

Inform your brand protection strategies

Advanced data visualisation combined with real-time, actionable Brand Protection insights will power your strategy against online crises and will support and inform your response and recovery operations.

How Plotlights help manage your brand reputation

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